• PMC Difference


    What truly sets us apart from our competitors is our unique approach.  Only PMC provides coaching program options that genuinely measure individual coaching effectiveness and the ROI for organizations.

    Our coaching program options can provide a snapshot of the overall coaching culture with the ‘Wide-Angle Coaching Audit’ (WA) and/or drill down into the specifics of a single manager/direct-report relationship with the ‘Individual Coaching Audit’ (IA).

    PMC specializes in helping you identify and nurture your top talent through our ‘High-Potential Leadership Audit.  It’s the only audit in the market that provides a complete profile (‘bottom-up’ and ‘top-down’ perspectives) that predicts a manager’s leadership potential and consequently completes the succession planning cycle. It’s a perfect complement to other tools (personality, cognitive, etc.) currently being used worldwide..


    Audit versus Assessment


    In an audit, you have a “standard” and an explanation of how the activity should be performed. It defines how things SHOULD be done. The PMC Consultant is there to measure and verify whether the described approach conforms to the standard and secondly whether the subject leaders are following the described program. An audit is therefore a control mechanism that checks whether people are doing what they should be doing.

    In an assessment, there is no “standard”. This is replaced with a set of concepts and principles. These describe desirable outcomes but not the specifics on how they should be achieved. The assessors are there to find out why people have chosen to do things the way they do and what other options have been considered.

    Both approaches are valid and both add value. The difference, however, is fundamental – an audit is based on a “standard” that everyone should aim to achieve.

    Behaviors versus Personalities
    Typical 360 assessments measure a wide range of personality traits, cognitive skills, and management styles. PMC targets managers’ behaviors, attitudes, and resources that impact their ability and willingness to effectively develop direct reports.

    Many assessment tools create a ‘pre-defined and limited’ computer generated report not taking into account the specific corporate dynamics or business environment. Certified PMC consultants generate personalized reports that integrate specific context and business environment in order to a create a clear, complete, and compelling profile.


    PMC Options


    • The Individual Coaching Audit (IA)
      The Individual Coaching Audit (IA) 

      The IA focuses on the individual subject manager’s coaching effectiveness from three critical perspectives – from top-down, bottom-up, and inside out. With the IA option the subject manager receives a thorough and in-depth understanding of where he or she stands today, how to plan for the future, and what areas need to be focused on. Here are some questions you should consider:
      1. How do you identify your best coaches?
      2. Are you able to measure your managers’ coaching effectiveness?
      3. Have managers ever complained that they don’t have time to coach their direct reports?

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    • The Wide-Angle Coaching Audit (WA)
      The Wide-Angle Coaching Audit (WA) 

      The WA provides organizations with a ‘snapshot’ of the coaching culture and coaching effectiveness within it. Here are some questions you should consider:
      1. Are you able to measure the coaching culture within the organization?
      2. How would you describe/measure the level of trust between middle and senior management?
      3. Have managers ever complained that they were not getting enough any attention from their boss?

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    • The High-Potential Leadership Audit (HPA)
      The High-Potential Leadership Audit (HPA) 

      The HPA identifies and evaluates your top talent. This unique option not only provides you with an audit to predict high-potential leadership talent, but also the potential for them to move up within your organization. Here are some questions you should consider:
      1. Have you lost any top talent because they didn’t see any opportunities for personal growth?
      2. Do you use bottom-up data to ensure a comprehensive succession planning process?
      3. Do you have an instrument that measures a person’s profile for ‘developing others’ and reliably predicts their potential for promotion?

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    • Comprehensive Coaching Follow-Up (CFU)
      Comprehensive Coaching Follow-Up (CFU) 

      The Individual (IA) and High-Potential (HPA) options guarantee an ongoing dialogue between the subject manager/supervisor and a certified PMC Consultant. Based on the audit results and feedback, a personalized Development Plan (PDP) and/or a Coaching Follow-Up (CFU) program is proposed and if agreed to, the subject manager and the Consultant will meet (in person or by telephone) on a regular basis for 6-8 months to monitor and discuss the subject manager’s progress. The result of this final step is key to their success as it provides them with ongoing feedback to help them stay on track and better realize their goals.

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