PMC – Measurements and Heart

  • A dominant strength of PMC has been the science that validates the uniqueness, reliability, and accuracy of the model. The empirical research is foundational to its global success to date. One aspect, however, has been hiding beneath the data and comprehensive reports that clients receive. And it’s time to bring it out in the open.

    PMC is not just about science, measurements, or return on investment, it’s about heart. Since the beginning of its existence, ‘developing people to be top teams’ has been the engine – the heart – of what PMC strives for.

    The numbers are important because they determine an accurate transactional course for development. The real transformation occurs when the leader and the team both feel confident that they’re on the right path and moving forward with greater purpose and conviction.

    And that’s when we know that PMC has delivered on its promise.


About PMC Coaching The founder of PMC Coaching, Gilles Rochefort, B. Comm (SPAD), MBA, began with roots in sports management and moved on to multi-national business, working for many years as a management consultant/trainer for a host of Fortune 500 companies. He’s also the author of Tales from the Playing Field – a new strategy for Business Management Coaching (Woodley & Watts).