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    Since 2004, PMC has licensed several consultants to promote and conduct our proprietary assessments and follow-up services around the globeTogether we represent over 30 consultants worldwide.

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    PMC Management Coaching has been an excellent addition to my business uniqueness of their approach has opened doors to prospective clients and provided a reason to revisit existing ones. The PMC Management Coaching Assessment Profile Reports give valuable insights for my clients which, in some cases have led to game changing results. Having worked with PMC Management Coaching for over six years now, it seems difficult to understand how I could provide top level coaching without them.

    Jim Baston, President, BBA Consulting Group, Canada-

    The Achievement Centre (TAC) has been working with PMC for 3 years. We started using the program to support a large client with managers across Canada. The client was very impressed with the results of a pilot we did (PMC certified coaches scored much better than non-PMC coaches they were previously working with). The PMC Individual Assessments are now frequently used by senior managers when meeting with their direct reports (the subject managers). The subject managers themselves have come to rely on the PMC Reports to create their own development plans, and look forward to getting the next report to see how they are progressing. PMC has become an important strategic tool in our overall offering.

    Marc Lacoursiere, President, The Achievement Centre, Canada –

    PMC is a powerful addition to my business – it provides visibility on the all-important issue of ‘Return on Investment’. The PMC Assessment gives key information to managers who are keen on developing their style of management; the result of which is more engaged teams. One very helpful by-product is that the assessments also provide a window into the awareness by the Senior Manager of the Subject Manager’s abilities and management style. I have seen some excellent results in creating clarity around support that may be needed or recognition that hitherto has been absent. As a Performance Coach it gives me confidence to pitch a full management development programme that has powerful and lasting results. The ‘High Potential Report’ is a brilliant tool to give additional validation to the potential within the Management pool; often revealing previously unknown starts in the making. The adoption of PMC Assessments now account for the majority of my business.

    John Driscoll, Director, Coaching for Performance, United-Kingdom –

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