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PMC – Measurements and Heart

A dominant strength of PMC has been the science that validates the uniqueness, reliability, and accuracy of the model. The empirical research is foundational to its global success to date. One aspect, however, has been hiding beneath the data and comprehensive reports that clients receive. And it’s time to bring it out in the open. [...]

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Are you ready for serendipity?

“Social evolution isn’t a top-down phenomenon but rather a bottom-up one.” The Evolution of Everything – How New Ideas Emerge, Matt Ridley, Harper Collins, 2015. This statement is both provocative and re-assuring. First, because it can be debated that not everything is the result of design, but rather the result of natural evolution and in [...]

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12 Business Lessons I learned coaching kid’s sports

Quick Introduction: I’m thinking to myself, “Better find a bathroom, my bladder is killing me”. Not the kind of thoughts that should be running through my mind just before a game – especially if you’re the Head Coach for the first time. I did find a bathroom – thankfully – and realized at that moment [...]

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The Great Inhibitor to Effective Development?

Cut your company a little slack – please “One of the holy tenets of competitive economics is the continuous push for increased efficiency. We question, however, whether some companies, in the pursuit of efficiency, have reduced “slack” beyond an optimal level. This is not to suggest there is anything wrong in removing unnecessary costs and [...]

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How can you feel like a team player if no one gives you a jersey?

Brooksley Born provides an example. During her tenure as chairperson of a U.S. federal agency which oversees the commodity options markets, Born was especially concerned about swaps, financial instruments that are traded over the counter between banks, insurance companies or other firms, with little transparency. She recommended that new regulations be implemented but was strenuously [...]

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Hard versus Easy

  • Written by admin
  • November 16, 2014 at 7:53 am

Choosing between ‘harder right’ and ‘easier wrong’ At West Point United States Military Academy there’s a line in a prayer for cadets, “… to choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong …” A powerful message intended for military leaders to make the right moral decision in the face of conflicting choices. Experience has [...]

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Value, What Makes Us Different, and the NEW Standard – PMC Video Blog

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I Love Money! (Does YOUR business…?)

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Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

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Is PMC the “Moneyball” of Management Coaching?


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