Management Coaching – the foundation of our business

  • In today’s economy ensuring your business is primed for success is key to its longevity and ultimate survival.

    At PMC we believe that every business is as unique as you are and that’s why we have created a highly personalized and structured coaching program tailored to meet your specific needs, working style, and environment.

    PMC does much more than help your managers become better coaches; we help businesses evaluate the effectiveness of their training and coaching programs by measuring against a ‘standard’ that has been scientifically validated  to impact employee engagement, development, retention, and succession.

    Assisting your organization in identifying its best leaders today and tomorrow.
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     IPRA validates PMC instruments


    In the spring of 2013, PMC engaged the services of the Institute for Psychological Research and Application (IPRA) at Bowling Green State University to validate its Individual Coaching Audit (IA). The goal was to ensure that its measure was psychometrically sound and provided valid audits to its clients.

    IPRA examined the psychometric properties of the performance indicators (Climate and Image) and coaching factors (Desire, Credibility, Skill, and Capacity) measured by the Individual Coaching Assessment (IA) created by Personalized Management Coaching (PMC)…

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  • Customer Testimonials


    • 3M

      Andy Liu - Corporate Sales Operation Leader - 3M Greater China Area

      The PMC program does what it promises. The metrics are accurate and reliable. My original concerns regarding cultural differences were not an issue and the actual results exceeded expectations

    • novartis-logo

      Caroline Barth - VP, Human ResourcesNovartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.

      The PMC Coaching Assessment has provided insightful and valuable information to Novartis leaders. The consultant, Kathleen Redmond, helped them raise self-awareness and created an action plan aimed at strengthening their coaching skills. This initiative has contributed to the journey of making our leaders remarkable.

    • stansted_audi

      Ivan Howell - Head of BusinessStansted Audi

      I believe the PMC Program has made a very positive impact in my business.  The value seems to be in the clear identification of key areas for improvement in management style and process together with follow up coaching that produces better buy in from the managers teams.  All in all a very good result.  The Audit and feedback has been an illuminating process, giving us a clear indication of what needs to change to create a step change in performance. The managers involved in the program are excited about the progress they have made and what they believe is now possible! Great value for money.

    • armtec-logo

      Greg Pinks - Vice-President, Human ResourcesCorporate Express and Armtec Ltd

      The PMC Audit program is one of the best programs that we have implemented.  We had been talking about effective coaching and providing skills based training for our managers and supervisors for a few years with limited success. It wasn't until we started measuring the effectiveness through the PMC program that we truly started to get traction.  The beauty of the program lies in three areas.  It gives our managers direct feedback from the ones best equipped to critique their coaching effectiveness - their staff.  It clearly articulates what a good coach is, covering six key areas.  Finally, the program raises accountabilities by measuring individual's effectiveness - it shows without a doubt the commitment of the organization towards coaching expectations.


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